D-TOUR, Guided Tour on e-fatbike

Experience the E-fatbike, an electrically-powered winter bike that will let you enjoy the pleasures of winter in a whole new way. Thanks to this innovative bike, you’ll get to see more of our beautiful landscapes in less time. We’re certain you’ll be smiling throughout your entire ride, even on the climbs!


CLASSIC jackrabbit march 11th 2017

SATURDAY MARCH 11 2017 – Join us on a unique and historical trail between Mont-Tremblant and Montebello. This is a 1 day endurance ski (options of 41.4 km, 36.9 km, 65.4 km or 102.3 km), over wilderness territory that ‘Jackrabbit’ Herman Smith-Johannsen bushwhacked many times between the Laurentian Mountains & Ottawa River. This event has come together with the valuable contribution of numerous partners: Ski de fond Mont-Tremblant – The Red Birds Ski Club – MRC Laurentides, many new private landowners, La Traversée des Laurentides, M. Denis Marcotte (CSM Trail expert), Nature Kenauk & MRC Papineau – The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum – The Laurentian Ski Museum.

The route celebrates many years of Québec classic trail cross-country skiing and winter adventure. This newly opened Trail will start from Domaine Saint-Bernard in Mont-Tremblant and end at the CSM Section #6 at Saint Michel School, Montebello.

  • 102.3 km Mont-Tremblant – Montebello: START 6 AM Domaine St-Bernard (Mont-Tremblant)
  • 41.4 km Mont-Tremblant – Arundel: START 6 AM Domaine St-Bernard (Mont-Tremblant)
  • 65.4 km Mont-Tremblant – Arundel – Boileau: START 6 AM Domaine St-Bernard (Mont-Tremblant)
  • 36.9 km Boileau – Montbello: START 10:30 AM Auberge du Lac Commandant (Boileau)