Ski de Fond Mont-Tremblant in the process
of carving out a place among the largest in Canada


Mont-Tremblant was one of the very first major alpine ski areas to open in North America, in the late 1930's. After a period of decline in the 80's, renewal and expansion in the 90's returned it to its status as a premier resort. It has always been known as a resort of singular charm rooted in the cultural distinctiveness of the region.

Although best known as an alpine ski resort, cross-country in fact predates downhill skiing on the «trembling mountain». The legendary Hermann «Jackrabbit» Smith-Johannsen, who pioneered cross-country skiing in the Laurentians, cleared the first cross-country trails through the Tremblant region in the late 1920's, some years before the first downhill trails were cut on the mountain. Jackrabbit’s trails were the first of what is today a vast cross-country network of exceptional calibre and variety, adding to Mont-Tremblant's attractiveness as a complete ski area that is in many respects among the best in North America.

The 65 kilometre cross-country ski network spreads out over 25 square kilometres between Tremblant resort and the village of St-Jovite and encompasses Mont-Tremblant village and surrounding area as well as Gray Rocks and its golf courses. Its heart is the Domaine St-Bernard, a protected 600 hectare park land of remarkable natural beauty recently purchased from a Christian religious order that preserved and cared for it as good environmental stewards. The Domaine was originally Crown land sold to a maple syrup enterprise in 1898 and some years later sold again to become the site of a hotel. Today, the old hotel building is use for lodging groups. The two other former residences house, one is the office of «La Fiducie du Domaine Saint-Bernard» and the other one, skier facilities and the administrative head quarters of «Ski de fond Mont-Tremblant». They are at the entrance to the Domaine Saint-Bernard, the network’s main access and reception area.

The municipality of Mont-Tremblant purchased the Domaine Saint-Bernard in 1999 and created «La Fiducie du Domaine Saint-Bernard» a trust preserving this valuable land. This acquisition has given the region's various trail networks a central core joining all surrounding sectors to form one of the most extensive and interesting network in Canada, one that is destined to take its place among the finest in North America.